Walker Folding Deluxe 2 Button with Front 5″ Wheels

Walker Folding Deluxe 2 Button

  • EASY TO USE This folding front wheel walker is designed with a comfy 2-push-button mechanism and is easy to operate
  • COMFY HAND GRIPS The deluxe front wheel walker comes with specially created hand grips that make the user feel more comfortable when moving around
  • HIGH QUALITY FRONT WHEELS The deluxe walker comes with two 5- inch front wheels and back glider caps for ease of movement
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE This folding walker can be used by people of all heights with its easily adjustable design
  • STURDY QUALITY This deluxe walker for tall people is made of sturdy anodized extruded aluminum

This Adult Sized walker comes with two 5’’ front wheels and additional round rear glide caps. The standard walker has a convenient 2-push-button mechanism for operational needs. Does not require tools for assembly. This walker’s palm grips are especially designed for user’s comfort and security. Made of soft plastic rubber with ridges to prevent your palms from sweaty slips. To ensure maximum strength while remaining lightweight, the unit is constructed from sturdy 1-inch diameter anodized extruded aluminium. The U-shaped front design gives the patient extra clearance. Legs of the walker are made height adjustable with the help of push buttons. Easily folds for storage or travel.


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