Kinesio Taping – Elastic Therapeutic Athletic Tape Tex Classic – Blue – 2 in. x 13 ft

  • The authentic original elastic muscle and medical tape invented by Kinesio founder Dr. Kenzo Kase; made in the USA
  • Kinesio is the premium sports tape and taping method to lift the skin to create space between the skin & tissues layers
  • Relieves discomfort & inflammation from plantar fasciitis, knee pain, back and other injuries
  • Kinesio Tape adhesive technology is the preferred choice of professional therapeutic practitioners worldwide
  • Highest grade cotton is water resistant and can be worn continuously for 3-5 days; Hypoallergenic & Latex-Free

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Kinesio Tex Classic – Muscle & Joint Support Tape

Kinesio Tex Classic, the tape that launched an industry! Kinesio continues to provide the world famous design that set the standard for Kinesio Taping practitioners worldwide. From medical professionals, elite athletes, weekend warriors, soccer moms to everyone (that breaths or moves) Kinesio Tex Classic provides high quality and consistent results. Perform your Best with Kinesio Tex Classic!

From elite athletes and weekend warriors to neurological and pediatric patients, Kinesio Tex Classic provides users with high-quality, consistent results. The unique combination of thinness, elasticity and adhesive wave pattern allows Kinesio sport tape to microscopically lift the skin and create a space between the skin and the underlying tissues that relieves pressure, irritation and inflammation. Our therapeutic tape can be used as sport, athletic and medical tape as it works to reduce pressure on the lymphatic drainage system, which allows for the dispersal of fluid that can cause swelling and edema.

Kinesio Tex Classic kinesiology tape is lightweight, comfortable and supportive to aid athletes and active users with lower back, knee, elbow, shoulder and muscle pain. Our elastic therapeutic tape is hypoallergenic and latex-free, and utilizes high-grade cotton that can be worn continuously for 3-5 days for maximum effectiveness. Our heat-activated adhesive backing is made of porous material that helps moisture dissipate quickly, allowing it to withstand sweating, showering and swimming! Rather than using conventional taping to tightly wrap sore, swollen muscles and joints, use Kinesio Tex Classic to enhance circulation and relieve painful inflammation!

The Kinesio Taping Association highly recommends that you consult a CKTP (Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner) prior to applying Kinesio Tex Tape.


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