iProven Dt-R1221AWG Medical Thermometer, Oral & Rectal Thermometer with Fever Indicator

iProven Dt-R1221AWG Medical Thermometer

  • Push Button Convenience And Accuracy – The iProven oral and rectal thermometer for children and adults needs only 10-20 seconds to check for a fever. The thermometer has been tested again and again to be clinically accurate with every measurement you take.
  • Soft And Flexible Tip For More Comfort – Take your little ones rectal temperature safely, even when your baby wiggles around and about. The flexible tip also shapes to your mouth when you intend to use the thermometer orally.
  • Always Squeeky Clean And Hygienic – The ProFlex Temp DTR-1221A is waterproof for easy cleaning. Clean it under the tap with a bit of soap without a problem! Next to that it comes with a free hard case for even better hygiene and safe storing.
  • Quick And Clear Fever Indication – The digital display gives a clear fever indication in smileys. Show your kid the frowning or smiling emoji and they will understand what’s going on. For even easier recognition, the fever alarm sounds a beeping alarm as well when detecting a fever.
  • Order Today – You’re protected by our 30 days, no-questions-asked, full refund policy and world class customer service.
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thermometer for fever
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Top-quality for home use

Our baby digital thermometer has been extensively tested and optimized. Everything to make sure you have a medical quality device in your bathroom drawer. The accurate measurements will give you the insights you’re looking for.

Results in seconds

Thanks to the advanced algorithm, you will have a reading in only 10 seconds.

A thermometer for the entire family

Thanks to the waterproof, flexible tip, you can easily clean and disinfect our thermometer. So you can use it for the entire family!

When you need a rectal thermometer for your infant and an oral thermometer for an adult in your family, we recommend using two separate thermometers – one for rectal, and one for oral use – to make sure you can use them hygienically.

Our DTR-1221A won’t let you down. Why wait?


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