Bluetooth Digital Baby Scale, Toddler Scale

Bluetooth Digital Baby Scale

  • EXCLUSIVE BLUETOOTH BABY FIT APP INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE: Our Bluetooth enabled baby scale comes included with our custom designed mobile app that can track your baby or pet’s weight, height and growth pattern. Instantly connect your phone to the digital baby scale without needing to install any additional plug-ins.
  • KEEP TRACK OF YOUR KID’S GROWTH: Conveniently record weight data with our Baby Fit app each time you weigh your child with our infant scale. Easily monitor if your child is maintaining healthy weight with our automatic calculation using WHO Child Weight Growth Standards. The App will automatically warn you if your child is above or below standards.
  • MAKE SURE YOUR BABY IS PROPERLY FED with this high accuracy baby weight scale that weighs your newborn baby, toddler, puppy or kitten and provides you with clear, stable readings in pounds, ounces or kilogram with precision of 10 grams and wide measurement range of 0.1 pounds to 220 pounds. (or 50 g to 100 kg)
  • EASILY READ YOUR BABY’S WEIGHT: The large, bright, backlit LCD screen of this accurate breastfeeding baby scale facilitates reading the distinct weight measurements of your kid or pet at a distance, even in the dark.
  • SAFELY WEIGH YOUR KID: The 2 swivel locks on the bottom of the baby tray keep it firmly put on the scale, preventing accidents. When your child grows up, remove the tray and use it as a regular scale.

Bluetooth Digital Baby Scale

Want To Monitor Your Baby’s Or Pet’s Growth? Need an easy to use, accurate and durable baby scale for your newborn, kid, toddler, puppy or kitten?

We’ve Got You Covered! Introducing A High-End Bluetooth Baby Weight Scale by Unicherry! 

Why Choose The Unicherry Infant Scale? Here Are The Top 6 Reasons!

WATCH CLOSELY YOUR CHILD GROWTH: Unlike standard digital scales for babies and pets, our baby scale utilizes state-of-the-art Bluetooth Technology: Transfers your baby’s weigh ins to the Baby Fit app and automatically calculates whether your child is meeting the standards for WHO Growth Curve!

OUR BABY FIT APP WILL SERVE YOUR CHILD FOR YEARS: Our app can be used from birth until your child’s fifth birthday, allowing you to track your son or daughter’s, weight change, height change and head circumference change over time. Our app is compatible with almost any smartphone and is easy to use and navigate.

SAFELY STORE YOUR RECORDS IN THE CLOUD: Parents can save time by electronically logging their child or pet’s data on the mobile app. Never lose your child’s records again!

USE YOUR KID’S SCALE ONE-HANDED: The HOLD function facilitates weight readings even if your kid moves on the tray, while the touch-sensitive buttons make this baby scale use easier to use even for sleep-deprived parents of newborns.

SUITABLE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Our baby and pet scale is perfect for not only babies but everyone in the family, from parents to kids to grandparents and relatives.

PERFECT GIFT FOR BABY SHOWERS: This Bluetooth digital baby scale is an amazing gift for any baby shower party as it can be used for years to come for the whole family.

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