Dixie EMS Deluxe Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Set

Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Set

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  • LATEX FREE BLOOD PRESSURE CUFF – Designed to fit adult arms between 10″ and 16″ in circumference. the PVC inflation bag utilizes two types of air release valves, a screw type & push type, for precise and rapid inflation. So convenient, it can be operated easily with a single finger or thumb. Made of a durable nylon that secures comfortably with a high quality Velcro strip.
  • HIGH CONTRAST & EASY TO READ DIAL – The high contrast dial on the aluminum alloy manometer allows the use to easily read blood pressure measurements easily and accurately. The dial features a sturdy clip that attaches to clothing or belts when not in use.
  • ADULT SIZED – Nylon cuff features a size range from 25.4cm to 40.6cm, ideally sized for adult use.
  • DELUXE END VALVE – Designed to reduce dust build up.
  • ZIPPERED CARRYING CASE – Easily store and transport when not in use with a secured zippered carrying case.

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Deluxe Blood Pressure Cuff

The Dixie EMS deluxe adult size aneroid sphygmomanometer unit offers a calibrated nylon cuff that measures pressure from 20mm Hg to 300mm Hg. Deluxe inflation system has a two-tube, latex bladder and a large, knurled air release valve for precision deflation. The Deluxe end valve reduces dust build-up.


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